Why LinkUp?

Simply put, our competitors are established industry behemoths that spend massive amounts on marketing thanks to budgets built largely on a “take revenue from wherever you can get it” model. While they’re taking money from job scammers and lead gen sites, we’re building our business by delivering on our core value proposition – no hoaxes, no schemes, no scams. In turn, fueling our own growth with the highest integrity revenue possible.

In LinkUp, you have a bold, fast-rising (make that “fastest-rising”) challenger flying in the face of disconnected, disingenuous job search giants. A hidden gem, investing in technology instead of Super Bowl ads. Putting the job seeker first. Offering employers 100% performance-based solutions so there’s no risk on their end.

So whattya say – ready to join the scores of Fortune 500 companies and millions of job seekers putting real truth, traffic and trustworthiness to work in their job search?

Then look to LinkUp. And search with your eyes wide open.

Our Clients

We help fill some of the world’s most powerful talent pools. LinkUp is a go-to recruiting solution for hundreds of blue-chip employers around the globe. Some of our clients include:

LinkUp in the Media

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